New Theme: Adelle

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Happy Theme Thursday! I’d like to introduce you to our newest free theme, Adelle. I hope you’ll make her feel welcome.

Designed by BluChic, Adelle would love to adorn your blog. It doesn’t matter what you write about — technology, arts, crafts, food, fashion  — Adelle can handle it, with elegance and sophistication.

Adelle comes with some great features — a right sidebar for widgets, a full-width page, and support for post formats. She also knows that you like to stay connected with your friends, so she’ll display optional links to your profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube at the top of the sidebar.

Adelle is responsive — she knows that your readers may visit your site on their smartphone or tablet, so she’s flexible enough to look good no matter where she’s viewed.

Sound like a theme you’d like to get to know? Read more on the

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